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According to some theories, Wicca began in pre-historic times as a ritual associated with the fertility of animals and tribes, fire, hunt, and curing diseases, which later developed into a religion worshiping the goddess of fertility and the god of hunting with the calendar set as per moon phases. The Celtic society spread over the northern European continents like England, France, Germany, and others but came to almost a halt during the eighteenth century because of the Christian religion.


Although this century marked a setback and extinction of this faith and religion, yet we find many people following this religion. However, they are now scattered and apart, but the Wicca religion still exists somewhere or the other. Today it is a form of modern pagan religion where rituals are performed, and deities are praised for casting spells and making amulets, charms, or portions, and helping people in trouble. Trouble could be of any kind, be it luck, money, love, or anything, but since the deities worshiped belonged to the fertility genre and moon phases are followed, Wicca is powerful in casting spells related to love. Since most of the followers of Wicca are now scattered hence, it is a little tough to find a good one who can be approached for casting a spell. However, in the past few years, it has been observed that many such practitioners have come with an online presence and are available over the internet as an online spell caster. Though there are many fake as well, if we follow some steps and be keen enough, we can get hold of an excellent online spell caster.



Love problems could be of many kinds. It can vary from that of ditching and cheating to that of getting separated because of mutual reasons. However, whatever the problem might be, these give a lot of pain to either both or at least one of the parties involved in the affair. Thus, most people, especially females, are approaching love psychics to solve their love-related problems. Wicca here plays an influential role since Wicca uses the energy present during the day, or natural energy, and can cleanse your aura to wade of all negative thoughts and doings, thus getting you to an entirely new life with a lot of vibrant energy.


Below is a spell to cleanse the aura of your ex and get them back to you. You would need white wax and red wax. Let both the wax together and form a candle with the help of a tube. You can even buy a ready-made candle with half as red color and half as white color. On the white part of the candle, write the full name of the person whose aura you want to clean and remove any negative energy from him, and on the red part, write only the person's first name with the words MY LOVE . Now take a cup, fill it with river water, mix one pinch of sea salt in it, stir it with a maple wood spoon or bark, and then place the candle in it and light up the candle. Chant the below spell thirteen times and blow off the candle in thirteen weeks or before our ex would be back to you.



“Clean your soul
Be my whole
Be as you were
With a cleaner self control.”


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