Attract money with Wicca


How to attract money?



Money is the essential thing required by all individuals to live a happy life. Money is needed to buy almost most of the tangible items necessary to live; have a place to stay, food to eat, or clothes to wear. Anything that you need to live can be purchased with money. The problem is no matter how much money we have; we always fall short of money.


No matter how much we earn, we always fall short when it comes to spending. Thus we are always in need of more money. We have also seen some people who need money. Still, they do not have money with them. They do not know how to attract money towards them, how to earn more money to survive the way they want to, but when all things fail, the ways are then shown by magic. Yes, I am talking about Wicca, the white magic, and religion in itself. It is a religion where deities are praised and prayed for abundance, whether love, money, luck, or health.


Wicca is a religion formed way back in the eighteenth century and was followed by many to help those who needed it. Help in the form of cure from illness, help in relief from love-related problems, and help in acquiring money.


Today, the followers of Wicca are scattered all over the world, and though they are few, they are still helping others who need help. Some of them can be found over the internet, as some have an online presence. Thus they can be reached easily via a support form or email, and then one can communicate with them and pay them online for their services and get a spell cast for oneself. As people learned more about this religion and the spells created using Wicca, thus today, there are even many books and scriptures available which state the functioning of Wicca and how someone can cast a spell by them using the ingredients required.


Below, you can read a similar self-casting spell that anyone can cast to attract money. Just follow the instructions carefully, and you would see the magic.


You would need a five-dollar bill, a chart paper, and a white candle along with a dark pencil. First, paint the whole five-dollar bill black with the pencil charcoal, then put it on the chart paper and rub it all over so that the black charcoal from the bill sticks to the chart paper. Once done, then light up the candle and burn the bill. While burning, chant the below spell (first one) five times and then collect the ash and rub it on the chart paper. Now put all the leftover ashes on the chart paper and roll it so that nothing falls out of it. You can even squeeze the chart paper or make a ball out of it. Then, using the same burning candle to burn this chart paper as well. This time, chant the (second spell) three times of the spell you chanted for the first time and put all the ashes in a place where you store money or in your wallet. In five to seven days, you will see some options of earning money coming to you and making you a money-attracting magnet.



“aluvari alumkuju
Vilalulku malamunu
Aluvari alumkuju
Vilalulku malamunu.”


Hibotari jito majha
Hinochi na mane sajha
Merra majha hoculumus tuku tuku.”



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