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Black Magic Love Spells that work


Love spells, like I always say, are the most searched spells. Why? Because of the love-related issues popping up like weed. Most of the time, we see that love-related issues are over small tiny matters and generally crop up between young people who are newly fallen into the hole of love. But we also see that many more mature people do approach spell casters with love-related problems. This is one reason why love spells are different: each person with the problem will have a typical nature. The problem within so love spells are to be designed and cast accordingly.


Love spells are cast for matters related to a marriage proposal, married life, bring ex back, and a lot more than you can think of. Now coming to the point that a love spell can be cast using white magic and black magic. Let me tell you that black magic love spells that work give much more terrific results than those casts using white magic since we all know that black magic is a stronger form of magic; hence the spells cast using black magic will give stronger and guaranteed results. Black magic love spells that work could generally be obtained from professional love psychics or spell casters who have expertise in casting love spells; however, there are many ways to cast black magic love spells that work by yourself.


While researching love spells and specifically about black magic love spells that works, I found that when you cast the spell and if the picture or some used belonging of the person is attached with the casting of the spell, the spell gives a powerful result. Especially love spells where you want to bring back your ex or where you want to separate your old love from someone else, this kind of casting helps a lot. Below I have written a self-do black magic love spells that work perfectly, just that you need to follow the steps properly and keep a little patience. This black magic love spell would help you to bring your ex back.


You would need a big size blue or blackish rose petal, some incense granules and a burner, and the picture of your ex. Make sure the picture of your ex is a standalone picture which means there should be no one else with him or nearby in his picture, not even you. Cover the face of your ex with the rose petal, then put the picture inside the incense burner, load it up with the incense granules and light them up, let it burn and produce the smoke, take a chart paper and write the name of your ex, full name mind it. Then blow the smoke from the burner into that chart paper so that the full name gets the smoke and while doing so, chant the below-written spell twenty-one times. If you perform the method as it is, then your ex will be back to you in twenty-one days.



“aste bochor abar hobe
Aste toh hobe hobe Sun, moon and stars club up by far Bring him back thy me
I demand him back ma life Aste bochor abar hobe
Aste toh hobe hobe.”



Black magic to break up a couple


Black magic is a powerful way to create spells. Since ancient times, black magic is practiced in different forms to cast different spells, one of them being black magic to break up a couple of spells. Yes, black magic can create a strong spell to break up a couple in a relationship. The couple on whom these kinds of black magic spells are cast would never come to know that the reason behind their separation was black magic. They will think it was natural. In general, professional love psychics or spell casters would cast black magic to break up a couple. Still, with the advancement of the internet and the reach, you can even easily find how to do spells yourself over the internet.


To cast a black magic spell, you would need some ingredients, which would vary in quality and quantity from time to time depending on the type of black magic you will cast. Also, you need to know the specific time for casting black magic spells since all spells are not to be cast in the same time or moon phases. You also need to make sure that you cast a black magic spell exactly how it has been described to avoid errors and get desired results. Below is a black magic spell to break up a couple. The couple could be in a relationship or a married one.


Black magic to break up couples can be used by a different person. At times, one in the couple wants to part for some reason. It is sometimes asked to be cast by a third party who does not want to see the couples together.


You would require the following ingredients to start it, and you need to cast the spell when the moon is in transit from its waxing to waning phase. You would need a male genital candle and a female genital candle. A piece of black cloth and some black mustard seed. Make a hole in the female genital candle and insert the male genital candle in it. Stick the mustard seed in the candles' intersection, light up both the candles, and let it burn. Please write the name of the couple whom you want to separate. Keep the cloth in the intersection of the candles so that when both the candles burn near each other, they burn the cloth. Now, wait until the cloth starts burning. You need to time in your setup so that the cloth burns exactly in the phase mentioned above. When the cloth starts burning, cast the below spell thirteen times, let the candle blow off or extinguish, collect the left-over of the candle and the cloth ashes, close your eyes, think about the couple as a separate entity and blow away the ashes. You will see that in exactly thirteen days, the couple has separated from each other, without understanding the reason behind their separation.



“Blow me up, blow me down,
Blow me away from the sound,
We are never for each other like the wind and rain
Separation is all we want thee, blow me up away from heee.”




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