Black Magic in Brazil


Brazil is very popular for producing the most exquisite coffee in the whole world. Whenever we talk about coffee, we think about Brazilian coffee and the flavors and aroma wherever we are. But my friends, there are many different perceptions of looking into Brazil, its culture, and traditions. The reason the practice of black magic prevails in Brazil to a great extent.


Macumba – a name that sorcerers might have derived from those practicing black magic in Africa, but today it is used to denote those witch doctors that practice black magic. Thou by non-believers and non-practitioners is a kind of slang referring to rituals and or religion performed or practiced the African way and is also thought to be unpleasant. But the believers contain a lot of positivity for this. Macumba is also denoted or understood as a string from the Afro-Brazilian religion UMBANDA.


The functioning of Macumba generally involves herbs and plants found in the dense forest. Wherein the herbs are prepared by the witch doctors (known as Macumbera) and given to those who seek the help of any nature, especially monetary, and are advised to take a bath using those herbs for seven days. After which, the candidate would expect to get richer or acquire money. Thou this practice is not limited to only acquiring wealth. It is also vividly used for causing harm or bad luck to someone.


Do you know that Brazilians worldwide do not give their picture to anyone or someone they do not know personally? The reason is they believe that pictures can be used for inflicting pain or causing harm on them because in the ritual of Macumba the Macumbera practices this when asked to cause a pain spell or cast a black magic spell for killing. That means the Macumbera requires a picture or photo of the person on whom the other person wants to inflict or bring upon pain, misery, death, or ill luck. Unlike other countries all over the world, Brazilians practice different forms and types of magic as well as voodoo.


Lot of spirits in the form of deities are also worshipped in brazil, and black magic is performed in front of these deities, with offerings ranging from small chicken's blood to that of a man's flesh is given. It is believed that the spirit of these deities would help the person performing the ritual to be pleased.


Some of the most frightening and shocking rituals are performed by Brazilian witch doctors. They might include killing small animals and tend to the killing of infants or making small live toddlers gobble up items that should not be eaten.


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