Black Magic in Europe


My readers must be thinking of why I made the title of this article as Europe – a country of black magic, well the reason behind this is Europe has been practicing black magic and witchcraft since a long time and such practices are not only focused to any specific country but also prevails in almost all countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England and Scandinavia as well.


In the barbaric age there were some well-known witch doctors, for example – Alex Sanders was known to be the king of witchcraft followed by her wife and then the English witch doctor Sybil Leek. These witch doctors were not only famous for casting black magic spell, but have gone forward in writing many books based on black magic and witchcraft, so as to educate the society.


During those old times witches used to take masses to create black magic spells and the rituals were known as mass, usually performed during a Sabbath day as followed by the witches but not as per Christianity. The mass conducted by the witch or witch doctor was known as black mass.


Even the belief of cursing and casting black magic spell for cursing someone prevailed a lot. In fact it was so believed that the county of Colwyn Bay in Wales had a well, known for cursing and the ritual was performed by writing the name of one's enemy in a piece of a paper and then putting the piece inside a lead box with the name of the person who is cursing on the box and then the name of the person who is to be cursed was called out loud and the box was submerged or thrown inside the well. Curse were also written on top of graves so as the thieves do not steal the buried body.


Black magic also has its root in Europe as a medicine; ok what I mean to say is black magic in Europe was also used for curing people. Small animals like mouse or similar were killed and rituals were performed and then eaten to get relief from diseases. Even portions and drinks were made using different materials or objects.


As of date Europe holds a strong market for trading of black magic related materials and items, hence black magic in Europe is not only practiced but also used for trading and business purpose.



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