Black magic in India


We all have heard of this dark occult world of black magic that makes impossible things happen, the weird pronouncing of mantras, and chanting of spells, invoking spirits and forces of nature which coexists with us. How many among us have tried to delve into the depths of this obscure world to know exactly what it is? Few, right? Yes, in this edition, we give you some highlights on the same and would brief you on the various kinds of Indian practices, taboos, and rituals which are practices by these magic practitioners.


Black magic can be described as a strong potential force that, when entering the human body system, causes a lot of disruption and causes several hassles in the ideal functioning of mind, body, and soul. Indian mythology believes that this kind of entrance of such negative energy causing hurdles and issues in a person's life without the host’s body knowledge is exactly what black magic does.


This kind of magical presence not just destroys the life of the concerned victim but also does leave a great impression on the other persons who have been involved in this evil activity. Though these kinds of black magical practices are banned in India, many do follow the same for their benefits, for fulfilling their vengeance or anger against the others, etc.


The magical practitioner who performs these magical spells is known as a ‘Tantrik’ in India.

He is considered to have mastered the skill of magic and can make impossible things happen. The prime intention behind any magical practice done by these tantric is to bring good upon someone by causing evil to others. This has always been the basic principle upon which black magic works. This person harnesses negative energy and uses it for various kinds of cold-hearted and callous deeds.



It is believed that these ‘Tantriks’ can also see the spirits of the so-called ghosts and can get various tasks performed from them. They lead a very tough and hard life of a short life span. Due to the constant dealings with the spirits and other supernatural forces, they have a hectic life. Most of them perform these kinds of callous activities just for money, but others do it to mastery their skill and knowledge in their dark world of magic.


In India, though many fear these kinds of practices but resort to the same in dire necessity when things do not fall in place for them. This could be for various kinds of intentions, like getting a good job, baby birth, better career, gaining financial stability, etc. Indian black magic goes with a lot of sacrifices as well, which is made in the form of blood, life, etc.


Mostly, human sacrifices, etc., are done in situations of extreme hard spells, which requires the spirits of the invoked forces to be made happy to get the job done. In other cases, one gets to see clay dolls made by these Tantriks, and in most cases, they use some of the other kind of object that directly connects with the person on whom the spell is being cast. This object is then wrapped upon this clay doll, and then various kinds of spells are chanted.


The clay doll is in the form of the same person and represents the victim. It is believed that whatever is done to the doll, any kind of inflictions made on this doll is also felt by the victim. The final intention of the Tantrik could be even to kill the person or to leave him injured or helpless.


Let me briefly discuss a few kinds of symptoms found in individuals who have become victims of these kinds of evil practices. First, one might find the person to be quite aloof from others and would prefer to be left alone always. One would get annoyed quite frequently, and one can get to see their nails slightly turning black.


Irregular occurrence of neck pain and shoulder ache becomes normal, and the victims always hate to take baths. Talking to oneself is another symptom that one can notice mostly in these victims of such evil practices. In Indian mythology, it is also believed that when one is influenced or a victim of these black magic spells, the Tulsi plant found in the courtyard of all Indian homes dies off suddenly. So guys, now you know exactly when anything goes off the track, right?



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