Black Magic in Indonesia


Indonesia or the Republic of Indonesia lies in the southeastern region of Asia and is a country that consists mostly of several islands. With more than three hundred kinds of ethnic groups here, cultural diversity mainly being influenced by various kinds of cultures like that of India, China, Arabia, and Europe. Black magic is one such quite prevalent happening or, better said, rituals seen being practiced by many in Indonesia.


Many who have visited the islands of Bali situated in Indonesia would have surely got to know about the prevalence of these black magic practices. One gets to see various kinds of traditional practices seen by all new visitors who come to this mysterious land filled with various kinds of rituals and practices. With the presence of varied believers who have great faith in these black magic practices, this edition is primarily aimed at helping you guys with the best ways or, better said, ideas in getting or solving a specific thing.


There are so many old and customary rites and rituals where even outsiders can take part. Or can visit to see how those rituals are performed, especially if one can attend the Balinese rites inside the temple, giving a whole new understanding of the customs. Yet another shocking piece of information that can be found in Indonesia (to be specific from Bali) related to black magic is that Indonesians do not practice black magic. However, they believe in black magic and the occult forces but do not practice it. It has also been observed that Indonesians are very selective when it comes to such rituals or spells. For example, if someone finds a clove of garlic left outside their door, they would take it as a spell cast by an ex-partner who wants to take revenge.


Banyuwangi, Sumbawa, Baten, and the island of Lombok are some places in Indonesia where strong black magic is practiced. However, people do not admit to casting such black magic spells. It is believed that Banyunwangi is a cushion or shield between the island of Java and Bali. It has always been in trouble due to both sides' parties and met with botches, resulting in spell casting and black magic among its people.


According to some books of history, it can be understood that black magic adapted in Banyuwangi is a mixture of animistic credence and Islamic theology, which ascended due to the inter-religious clash during the Mataram court in the sixteenth century and ahead. Some history pages unfold the birth of Banyuwangi's practice of occult forces to Tulung Augung, an area in the west of East Java.


However, longing to its origin, black magic theology prevails to a great extent in and around the area of Banyuwangi, with mostly all and renowned residents having not only belief but also faith in it. Any catastrophes or calamities, be it individuals, public, or shared, are linked with black magic in one way or another.


There is two forms of black magic spells performed or practiced in Banyuwangi, one known as SIHIR, used for killing enemies or other people directly, and is known as BUSUNG. Where a spell is cast to inflate the stomach of the dupe to such an extent that it looks horrifically big and may blast away. It is also believed that Busung victims cannot escape death. The reason for the oversized stomach is probably the insertion of small animals, knives, nails, broken glasses, or even frying pans using a black magic spell.


The second form of magic that exists in Banyuwangi is known as RAPUH, a spell cast to make the target or prey suffer for their whole life by causing illness such as making the prey blind or by paralyzing the victim. Types of magicians that exist here are also known as DUKUN, though they mostly are found in Java rather than Bali.


It has been found that most of the Javanese, who are mostly Muslims, do not practice or use this black magic and even would not discuss or tell anything when asked about black magic, but when the time requires it due to personal or family problems that might and may occur in each individual's life, they do not hesitate in visiting a DUKUN or PEDANDA.


Since Indonesians or Balinese or Javanese is not in much favor of talking about black magic, especially sharing their experience – if ever happened, tap them over and tell them that you are a DUKUN. It would be best if you had a piece of their worn cloth or some hairs from their head, and you would be amazed to see that all conversation with the person you are with will stop. Thou I would suggest you not do this yourself, and keep reading my articles for more information.



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