Black magic in Mexico


Mexico, a country situated between North America and South America, has a variety of culture and languages as well, since affected by both regions and also by various people from both the regions; Mexico is a country of variety in itself. However Mexico is also not left out from the influence of black magic, and it is such believed that Spain bought black magic into Mexico.


In most of the vividly used black magic

In most of the vividly used black magic in Mexico, use of small animals are required, like rattle snake is used for curing diseases, or lot of portions in fact oils are made by extracting blood and other biological juices from those of lizards and toads to the use of dried tongue of specific fishes or even herbs and plants.  The center for practicing such magic, thou it prevails all-round the country, is a village Catemaco.


Till, date the village of Catemaco holds a black mass every Friday, which is attended by lot of Mexicans, not only from Mexico but also from the states (USA). Majority of the people visiting the black mass or seeking help from a witch doctor in Mexico are either looking for some black magic spell to make sure that evil spirits cannot harm them, or to ward away evil and bad spells that might have been casted on them by someone. They also look for love spells and charms; mostly because they have been dumped by their ex and those they want to take revenge.


The practice of evil eye and curses also prevails all over Mexico, with lot of people seeking spell casters to use curses on someone who is their enemy. Even one can find a black magic market in Mexico were not only stuffs related to black magic is found but also is a labyrinth to most of the witch doctors, who can cast any kind of spell as per the individuals need and make anything possible. It is such believed that in olden times, there were different races residing in Mexico and hence different ways of practicing black magic is adapted from these different races.


Mexicans witch doctors are not only believed to be using only black magic spells, but are also believed to use deities belonging to Hindu and Buddhist community as well as signs from the Chinese community. If one can visit the black mass conducted in catemaco on Friday by these so called witch doctors or sorcerers, then the person can observe that these black magic spell casters are dressed in black robe with signs like YING-YANG (belongs to Chinese mythology), which they term as representation of dark and light. They would also have deities like those of SHIVA & GANESHA (Hindu gods). The first Friday from the month of March is considered to be very auspicious by Mexicans, and especially by the residents of this small village – catemaco, and hence this is the day when this witch doctors would create powerful magic spells specially made for curing and cleansing purpose.


According to the Mexicans, magic is of three kind or three types, popularly known as the white magic, the black magic and the red magic, those who practice red magic and white magic are considered good, and it is such said that red magic and white magic is practiced for the purpose of healing, but Mexicans fear those who practice black magic, also known as brujos (male), brujas (female). It is said that a brujos or brujas can cast curses that cannot be taken back or reversed by other spells, and that a brujos or brujas can even cast black magic spells to kill someone instantly.


The brujos and brujas usuaully have a tendency to practice magic in caves, and hence it is said that the devil resides in the caves found in and around the small village of catemaco in Los Tuxtlas. The brujos and brujas are said to worship Cobix, the black prince or the devil god who gives them the power to perform black magic and cast black magic spells and curses.



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