Black magic in Muslim countries


Muslim countries following the Islamic religion also practice black magic. Thou Islamic religion are not so old, but is widely spread across the world, from those of Indian Muslims, to those of Bangladeshi Muslims, Bihari Muslims or be it Muslims in the Arabic countries. We can find people following Islamic religion all around the globe, and hence black magic is practiced very widely within this community.


Based on different countries the practice of black magic also differs, I would try to cover the different types of Islamic black magic used or practiced all over the world. Mostly all black magic practiced can be found in Arabic countries or Asian countries were the population of Muslims are dense than compared to other part of the world.


One observation seen in practising black magic in Islamic countries or Muslim countries is that they use black magic spells to harm an opponent, thou the use of black magic is also used for healing, lifting curse, reliving from a pain or the so called love and charm effects to lure someone or to get an ex-back. It has been also observed that use of talisman, water from mosque (also known as holy water) and the enchanting of verses from the holy book ‘QURAN’ are practised.


The truth – also written in QURAN says that those who practice black magic are committing sin, and that one should not hamper his or her friends, neighbours, siblings or any other family members, but due to the fact that Muslims are very orthodox people and sceptic on many things and being superstitious, practice of black magic prevails in Islamic countries to a great extent.


People like ‘pir baba’ and ‘fakir’ exist, who would claim to be ALLAH’s people and that they have the power to cast black magic spell takes in the confidence of such superstitious Muslims and ask for heavy amount to get them rid of curses, or help them become rich or healthy. It is such believed that people in own family are more likely to attack family members with black magic spells rather than outsiders. Jealousy, hatred is some of the main reasons on why Muslims are practicing black magic.


In most of the Islamic and gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, practice of witchcraft is banned, and anyone found practicing black magic is sentenced to death or lifetime imprisonment. Despite of tight law in Middle East countries or gulf countries, still the practice of sorcery exists.


Another reason for Islamic countries or rather Muslims practicing black magic is due to the illiteracy count. Since lot of Muslims are illiterate and refugees hence they do not even understand their own holy book reading and fall in the trap of fake sorcerers, who are always in hunt of such victim to earn money. This kind of spell casters would pretend that they can capture JINN and then help the victim to acquire or get result of any of his / her desire which would be performed by the JINN.


In some Islamic black magic practices, you would also find the use of QURAN, which actually prohibits the use of black magic. For example – Istikhara, is a kind of Islamic black magic were the person has to visit a Moulana (Holy Priest) who would recite verses of QURAN (verse 6:59) then offers salam (greetings) to Prophet Muhammad, turns his face towards the sky and then answers questions asked by the person or candidate and provides the person with remedies as well.


Another widely used black magic in Muslim countries is the SURA YA SIN. Sura are read by the believer and as per need, different sura represents different requirement, example – sura 48 is read for victory, sura 114 is read for mankind, sura 72 is read for capturing or taking help from jinn and or spirits. It is also believed that a person can write these suras (as and when required) in a piece of paper and wear it by putting it in an amulet or talisman, or wash the paper with water and drink the water.


In some Islamic or Muslim countries sorcerers practicing black magic are also known as saahir, it is such believed that they practice Islamic black magic known as sihr.



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