Black Magic Spell to break-up a relationship between two lovers


Are you in love? Or do you think it is just an infatuation?

If you think it is an infatuation but still cannot get out of the relationship due to social objections and defame. Then the best way is to cast a black magic spell to break up your relationship with your lover.


Let's take another example because the spell I will talk about in a later part of this article works well with this other scenario. But first, I need to ask: do you think you are in love with someone already loving someone else? And you cannot deviate that person’s mind from their lover and put it to think about you, and to love you and only you. Then it would help if you cast a black magic spell to break up a relationship between two lovers.


Next, I will talk about how you can cast such a spell, but before I do that, I would suggest that you take help from a professional rather than attempting to do it yourself. Even if you envy one of your friends by looking at the love affair they have, you can also cast this black magic spell.


What you need to do is bring in a pair of fruit bats. Understand that I am not talking about a bat made of fruit but am talking about a specific breed rather species of bat known as megabats, there are a lot of kinds when we talk about megabat and fruit bat is one of them, they are huge with big eyes and are mostly found in the tropical part of any country. So now if you understand what you need to bring, go for it, buy a pair of fruit bat when I say pair, I mean one has to be male and the other a female.


You also need to buy fifteen liters of coconut water, 12 Oz of black sesame seeds, and some light adhesive to stick those bats together. Once you have all that is required, the first thing you need to do is tie the mouth of both the bats, open their wings wide apart, and tie them together using only black color strings. Knots should be such that they do not open up quickly but loosen up when put in some effort.


Once you have tied the wings of both the bats together, they will face in the opposite direction. Then put the light adhesive, the black sesame seeds, in between those bats so that they stick together and tie the legs in the same manner you did for the wings.


Once done, dip the bats in a bowl full of coconut water. This should be done around six in the morning, and right after twenty-four hours have passed by, hold them in your hand go to some lonely place or jungle area where after you leave these bats, they do not get killed by any means. Once you reach the desired place which matches the above condition, recite the below-written spell nine times and leave the bats in the place where you have recited the spell.


“You both <first lover name> <second lover name> are not meant for each other, still, you both are together. I set you a path here, set yourself apart”, leave them there and do not turn back and see a return back to your home. The faster the two bats get themselves free from each other, and the day they do it, the relationship between the two lovers would break instantly then and there.



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