Black Magic Spell to Bring Back an Ex-Lover


It has been a while that we are always talking about spells, magic, witchcraft, and I know that all my readers are willing to read more remedies on how to cast these spells and get a beneficial effect. Hence, after writing on similar topics, I thought of visiting real witches and tantric sages and getting all this information. Doing this was very difficult since I had to spend countless nights behind these gurus and magicians and learn the act of spell.




What I find is spells are made

What I found is that spells are made for summoning different ancient god and goddesses and to please them. The sacrifice of different animals is given, at times even humans. Now for all those readers who would be reading this edition of mine, please be aware that the spells created and the rituals done are by witches and sages who have expertise in the same. Hence do not attempt to cast this spell if you have a glitch in mind. When you are 100% perfect, then you can perform these actions. Below and in my subsequent articles of the same genre, I mentioned different techniques and ways to cast the spell.


To begin with, is the spell to bring back an ex-lover – well, almost all of us fell in love, which is infatuation, but later go deep into it so much that we are not able to get back to the original world by ourselves. In the midst of all this, we suddenly find that we have been ditched or our lover leaves us for another reason. If it is the same scenario with you, then read carefully what I write below and perform the spell. You will have your past as your present and future, forever.


The spell is simple, but you need to please Lord Venus to cast it. To do so, there are few things you require. To acquire those things, there are special days in the lunar calendar. I am talking about the lunar calendar, which means the days and nights would be decided as per the moon's movement (and not as per the sun's movement). Choose a full moon night on the twenty-first lunar week, and exactly when the clock states 12:12:12, you should get hold of a sea fish, a river fish, and a chameleon. If you miss this opportunity, then wait for the next cycle, so prepare yourself beforehand to conquer the opportunity and not let it pass by.


Once you have the three mentioned animals, keep them in a big bowl containing water, make sure that the sea fish does not eat the river fish and that all three animals are alive. Bring one dozen roses of each black, blue, red, and purple and take the petals out from the stem – putting them in the same big bowl of water where the animals are kept. Stir the water exactly five times, while remembering your ex-lover, then pour 13 Oz of dragon oil in the bowl, stir it again but this time double the count of the first time, well, I mean this time you need to stir it for ten times and make sure you are enchanting your ex-lover’s name slowly.


You are done with the stirring part, now let the water calm down, and while it does, lit up seven red color candles and five black color candles around the bowl, keeping in mind that the candles are so close to the bowl. Each other that the heat of the fire produced warms the bowl and makes all other candles grow small and melt as quickly as possible.


In an hour’s time, you will see all candles have melted, and the residue wax left on the floor. Take the residue wax and put it in this bowl to prepare the final part of your mixture. When offering your wax inside the bowl enchant “Oh Lord of Venus, I offer the soft part of me to you, mixed with the more soft part of earth, listen to my wishes and grant me thy lover” – this should be said with each wax you pour in, to be more specific you need to say this 12 times.


As soon as you see all the wax from the 12 candles are floating, use a serving spoon to take out a full spoon of water. Keep a picture of you, and your ex-lover are together holding hands or kissing each other. Sprinkle little water on the picture and enchant “Venus – god of love, take my offering and give me my lover, give thy him to me so that we be one forever”. You need to do this until dusk, and as soon as you hear the first sound of a bird or the cock doodling, stop your action. You need to continue this every week of the same day when you have begun it seven times, keep sprinkling and repeat the steps, and once you are done with your ritual on the 7th week, then you would realize that your ex-lover is trying to reach you or meet you because your ex wants to come back to your present.



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