Black Magic Spell to make your lover become faithful and remove his/her desires for other persons




What? Why are you amazed, or confused? Most of the times my readers read the complete process before they read the actual spell, well here I have written the spell first and would explain the theory in the later part, because I would like my readers to understand on what they are doing rather than just do it because the words used are something different and tough to pronounce and just because a professional like me writes this up as a remedy.


  • HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM – you are mine and I am yours.
  • THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA – leave everyone behind, since you are only mine and I am the only one for you.
  • MERIA MERIA HUMBAKKAKUM THUMBAKKUM THINAKNA– you would love only me and be loyal as a dog towards me, and will never think of anyone else except me.


The meanings of the words are stated above, thou I know some words look repeated and literal meaning by my literate readers might bring out a different meaning but do understand on how the words are written. Now when you know what the spell and the meaning of the spell is, so read below to understand on how and what you need to do and when you need to use this spell.


First you need to understand on what your lover likes the most when it comes to food, say sweets or pizza or anything. The food item must be the one which your lover cannot resist eating for whatever reasons it be so. Once you understand and discover the item which again has to be some solid food item and not liquid like tea or coffee. Buy that food item, get inside your room so that no one understands or even gets a hint of what you are doing.


To enchant the above spell, you have to first take a bath with cold water, then sit without any clothes on your body in wet condition keep the food item in-front of you and enchant this 9 times with the full name of your lover as pre-fix and suffix which means that if your lover’s name is Susan Jonathan then you would enchant the spell as

‘Susan Jonathan
Susan Jonathan’


Also you need to move the food item on your bare body starting from your forehead, make sure your hair does not get touched with the food item when you are moving it over your body.


So while you enchant the spell nine times you keep moving the food item on all your bare body parts in ascending descending then descending ascending manner, which is you start moving the food item from bottom to top of your head or forehead region and then back from your head to foot region, nine times.


After you complete the sermon, store the food item properly in a box, and the next day give it to your lover to eat, you need to do this 15 consecutive Saturdays of the same year.


As the year passes by and a new year comes in, you will see that your lover is faithful towards you like a loyal dog towards its master and that your lover will have not desires for any other person except and just except you. You can also try this bindig spell which will give excellent effects!



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