Black Magic Spell to Make your Lover Beg you and accomplish your Desires


Black Magic Spell to Make your Lover Beg you and accomplish your Desires

Are you in love? Do you think that your lover is not listening to you? Do you think that your lover never fulfills your wishes and desires? If the answer to what I have asked is NO then pass over this is not the kind of article for you, but before you pass over think twice for the answer and if after thinking twice your answer is a YES to any or all of the questions above then read below to understand on how can you make your lover beg and fulfill all your desires and wishes, like a genie saying your wish is my command.


If you have been reading this genre of my articles then you already must have the knowledge that after much expedition and research I have learned about black magic ways on how to… you must also have the knowledge that I have promised all my readers to give them ways on how to use specific spells to accomplish some needs and wants for themselves. Well to be frank there can be so many wishes that people can make, and in truth not even the almighty can grant all of them, hence I have also picked up few most searched for topics and am writing down remedies the black magic way, so that my readers can use them and get some benefit out of it.



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Though this kind of stuff is not shared in general, but we all are learned people, aren’t we? So I have decided to put in the spell casting techniques down so that it helps my reader. Well, coming back to what I was talking about, to be specific I would be now showing you a technique rather a way on how you can make your lover beg and accomplish your desires, even if your lover does not want to. Thou there are a lot of ways to do so, but the most effective way is the voodoo spell style.


Voodoo is practiced as a religion and has evolved from Africa, now also widely practiced in lot of Muslim countries and also in India. In fact I had learned this on my excursion and stay with Indian sage and voodoo casters. Now here is the tip. First you need to gather the ingredients stated under and practice this on a pet, might be a dog, cat or a guinea pig. Once you master the art then only try it on your lover because a slight mistake can take away life of either you or your lover’s. I would also suggest all my readers to rather use a professional help from the masters of black magic to have a good command over this spell. It is not easy to control your lover, or boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever he/she is. To control someone mind is a hard task, but it can be done!


Now here is what you need, around 0.5511 pound (250 gram) of wheat flour, 1 cup of water, black sesame seeds, rice which are pale yellow in color and should not have any husk attached to it. 1 meter red piece of cloth, 3.5 meter black piece of cloth, mustard oil weighing 10 Oz and white sesame oil weighing 11 Oz, one dozen paper pins along with 5 green lemon and 29 yellow lemon. Red vermillion, string of hair of your lover and a small piece of your lover’s used cloth (cloth should not have been washed after used).


First make dough of the flour using the water you have kept, once the dough is made then shape the dough as per male or female (whoever your lover is), when ready then pin up the string of hair towards the head side and the piece of cloth near the belly. Sprinkle the vermilion on the head part and face part and then cover the upper part of the dough body with the black piece of cloth you bought and the lower part with the red piece of cloth. Lit a bon-fire and put a bowl on top of the fire, mix bot the mustard and sesame oil in the bowl and let it simmer, then cut all the green lemons and squeeze all the juice of those lemons inside the bowl, stir the mixture and let it simmer, while the mixture is being prepared, cut all the 29 yellow lemons and squeeze the juice properly all over the dough so that the dough becomes wet, then dip the dough in the pale yellow rice so that the whole dough covered in cloth now gets covered by rice.


Check your timing and as soon as it is 15 min left to one a.m. then dip the rice and cloth covered dough inside the mixture bowl and let it simmer again, now when the dough along with the mixture is getting hot enchant the below spell “Cupid, cupid send me your genie, let my lover obey me”, you need to enchant this spell 9 times. Every time you finish the spell make sure to blow air from your mouth in the mixture bowl and at the end of 9th time you will see that the dough has vanished and the rice would float, if this happens then understand that your lover would obey you like a slave and would do anything to fulfill your desires and if it does not happen then you need to do the whole ritual again.



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