Black Magic is using people's emotions and feeling to achieve results


Magic is a process or activity that brings unexpected results, which a human mind never expects according to wisdom, experience, and behavior. The positive and negative forces of the virtual universe play their role in its activity. The level of energy in the universe is always constant. Only the form changes. The changes in forms of energy from one to the other make things happen. It is a continuous process and controlled by supernatural power, which is known by different races by different names.


The driver of these forces or movements of energy from one form to another are people's emotions, feelings, and expressions. The positive energy meant for constructive purpose is responsible for all people's goodness, and its strong intensity leads to the happening of white magic. Similarly, the negative energy meant for destructive purposes is responsible for people's badness, and its strong intensity leads to black magic. Although it may be beneficial for some individuals in the short run, it harms the whole energy balance system.


Black magic is more popular and recommended by its followers because their spells of black magic affect the vibrations of the future and bring favorable results in a short period, which their clients desire. These desired results will affect many people's natural processes, which is against their emotions and feelings. The turbulence of the entire process imbalances the complete energy balances. Due to this effect, the short-term gains through black magic also faded away.


Lots of examples are available which show the impact of black magic throughout the world. Even in the stories of Harry potter, black magic is never a winner at last. People achieved many things like money, power, love, and fame quickly by sending black magic spells and changing the future, but all remain fragile, and when equilibrium attains, all gain is lost.


Black magic interferes with the emotions and feelings of people and changes the expected outcome only for a single person for whom whatsoever black magic spell has been cast. Their right is deprived, and the feelings of this large chunk of people even affect the short term gain of person who changes the results with spells of black magic for their personal benefit.


White magic works for constructiveness outcome of large size of people. Its positive effects are dispersed over a large population; hence share of individuals comes less, and the positive effects are permanent. It also does not interfere with other people's emotions and feelings but rather helps them positively. Their positive feeling also has compounding effects on future outcome.


While and black magic coincides. Both have their unique features and importance. Lies always follow truth, and right is followed by wrong. In nature also the brightness of day is followed by the darkness of night. Both are having their own universe. Their boundary well connects both things. Crossing of limits in any sense will have adverse effects on the function of both spheres.


Similar is the case with white and black magic. Both are connected with their boundaries. Any encroachment on other spaces will affect both. The collective growth of humankind is only possible with individual growth. Any movement in a particular direction will lead to a bipolar world. There will be a continuous struggle for more space, which will suppress individual independence, feelings, and emotions.


It can be thus summarized that the universe is acting due to equilibrium of energies, whether it is controlled by positive or white magic and negative or black magic. Both are having their importance. But the independence of both should be honored and should remain above the individual preferences.


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