A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Black Magic Beauty Spells


Do you want to lose weight fast? Do you want to change the color of your eyes? Do you want to be the most beautiful person in the eyes of all people out there? Well, there is nothing for you to worry about that, as there are so many Black Magic Beauty spells that you can use.

Using black magic has been one of the most common alternatives of many people to get the beauty they want, and you are also free to make use of it depending on your needs and preferences. Many believers have the habit of relying on this method to get what they want, especially regarding seemingly unreachable things. These spells might be a bit hard to grasp when you first encounter them, but they do come in handy for some people who know how to utilize them in the right way.


In this guide, you will get started on the different spells you can use.

Before You Use Black Magic

Even before you use the different Black Magic Beauty spells that could suit your needs, there are some important things that you have to know and keep in your mind. Those are the following below:



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  • There are no assurances on the beauty spell that you are going to use, but there is really nothing wrong in trying this.

  • It is important that you are going to follow the instructions that will be given to you in order to avoid problems on it.

  • As much as possible, you have to use the exact ingredients and things needed for better experience and for you to be assured of the possible result of it later on.

  • If you want the best experience in doing the beauty spell that you have chosen, it is the best for you to make sure that you are going to do it in a very quiet place without other people around.


    Free Beauty Spells


    Changing Your Eye Color Spell


    Have you ever dreamt of changing the color of your eye? Do you want to do this naturally? Well, using this beauty spell could help and guide you with this. This spell is meant to help you change the color of your eyes to your preferred coloring. Most people want their beauty to be enhanced, and this simple spell can be used to help with that.


    Things to Prepare:


    First, let us get started on the different things you have to prepare for this spell. There are only some things that you have to prepare, which includes the below: Two Small White Candles and One Big White Candle Paper and Paper Plates Blood and Marker Prepare Your Eyes, Body, and Face A Clean Floor


    Reminder: This is one of the simple Black Magic Beauty spells, but you can expect that you will have a slight headache and feel a little bit sick because of your eyes. You may indeed feel that you would not want to open it and feel heavy. It would be best to avoid opening it for about a minute.


    The Instructions:


    1. Start lighting the different candles you have and set the big white candle on the plates
    2. Put the small candles on the side and the top of the bottom.
    3. There will be a possible blue or green dot that you are going to find as 10 minutes passes by
    4. Close your eyes and chant the incantation.
    5. Chant that for two times.


    Weight loss Spell


    There are also Black Magic Beauty spells that you can use to lose weight. This is ideal for those having a hard time getting the body they want and are interested in losing weight quickly and fast. If you are someone who always has a hard time with shedding off extra pounds, you might want to give this a try. It’s a simple spell that is said to help you out with weight loss and other easy solutions related to it. Compared to other kinds of Black Magic Beauty spells, this could be simple and a lot easier for you to do.


    Things to Prepare:


    There are only a few things you have to prepare for this kind of spell: pillows, paper, voice, and a pen. You should also make sure that you have a specific weight that you want to achieve in your mind to get started on this. The Instructions: 1. Write the weight you want to achieve on a piece of paper that you have prepared. Make sure that it is in pounds. 2. Chant the spell.
    3. Kiss the small paper and keep it under the pillow you are using before going to bed.


    Eternal Beauty


    On the other hand, if you are interested in having an eternal beauty that could surpass any other people out there, this is the right spell for you. Youth is a much-coveted concept that most people do want to retain. Aging is natural, but some people think that their appearance is becoming unsightly. This spell is used to counter that and help the person preserve her beauty and youthfulness in their prime.


    Things to Prepare:


    The only thing you need to prepare is your name written on a piece of paper. Make sure that it has been written as beautifully as possible. Reminder: This kind of spell is being used to reverse vanity spells.


    The Instructions: This is a lot simpler and easier to do than the other beauty spells that you can use to have eternal beauty, which could be perfect for you to be assured of what you will get.


    1. Have the piece of paper you have prepared in front of you.
    2. Chant the spell.



    Did you know?

    The secret of successful Black Magic spells lies in mind control

    Real Black Magic Spells

    Casting Black Magic spells allows you to be in control of people's minds and have them do what they're ordered to do. The secrets of this intense power are that thanks to Black Magic, it becomes possible to control the mind of anyone.




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