Chinese Sorcery and Black Magic in China


Black magic has been prevalent and used vividly among humankind since the dawn of history. Various regions have resorted to varied practices and observances while making or practicing black magic or the so-called weird and dark world of magic. Though there are several doubts, in the minds of many, regarding the significance and genuineness of these practices, the majority still resort to the same when one finds the path ahead bleak and dark.


Chinese Sorcery and Black Magic in China

So, all you readers who have anxiously read the above paragraphs and by now have become quite bored are not exactly understanding where we are heading to, let me explain better. In this edition, we would deal with a few basic but prevalent black magic practices in China. In China, black magic is termed as ‘ku’ which implies magic that can be used as an instrument for injuring someone. The word ‘ku’ sounds quite similar to the word ‘Wu’ which on the other hand means white magic, which is used for the benefit of others. Though, the term black magic is used so generically that its actual meaning has been lost somewhere in this entire midst.


It has been seen in several cases that the practices of such black magic have several disastrous effects causing the victim to become insane, in some cases causes the death of the individual. Witchcraft has been found to be of various types consisting of the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and wind. Spirits of the deceased souls are summoned by the individuals who practice witchcraft, wizardry, or black magic. The spells that these witchcraft practicing individuals enchant are strong enough to summon spirits and bring in mental and physical changes in an individual's life and the energies of nature present surrounding us.


The prime motive for which these back magic spells are used is to enhance those powerful powers of nature and to get that work done, which probably would not be possible or would have taken a long time when gone through the normal methods. Let me help you with one such quite weird practice of black magic, which is not much prevalent in China as few know about the same, but has given excellent effects for all those who have practiced it in the right sense.


To make this simpler, I would start with what exactly this process is all about. The prime intention for performing this magic is to get that thing in life that one has been longing for desperately, but unfortunately, one had been unsuccessful in attaining the same. There are few things you require, and above all, you need to have a proper framework of mind for performing this as it is more of a kind of ritual than just a practice that one needs to do.


To start with, take hold of a vessel made of some earthen elements, preferably clay, best be dark black in color. Next, you need to get hold of something directly related to the thing you long for. If it is a person or living being, you need to get some things of them like for example, if it is a girl you love, then get hold of her hair strand, a handkerchief which she has used, etc.


Next, choose any full moon night and start with the rituals by getting hold of a white mouse. Keep this mouse directly under the rays of the full moon for three such full moon nights. Fill the earthen vessel with water such that when you throw the mouse in, it should not be able to escape from it. Once you have the said quantity of water in the vessel, you need to hold the mouse by the tail and drop it in the earthen vessel. Hold a lighted candle and let the light of the candle fall on the mouse when it fights for its life in desperation. Then start chanting these below said lines looking directly in the eyes of the mouse (you need to do this without blinking your eyes).
“Oh, powers of the universe here I beseech, listen to this wounded heart weep, take the life which struggles within and in return get me (mention what you want in life for which you are performing this ritual). Say these lines with utter concentration for seven nights, and you would see the powers of magic bringing impossible things happen.


Many who have followed the process properly have been able to get good benefits from the same but have never shared it with others fearing that the portion of secret would get spread, but I have opened the same in front of you readers. Try it and see how this can brings a change in your depressed life.


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