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Black magic easy love spell


Love spells are one of the most considered and looked for spells when it comes to magic spells, even more, wanted is black magic love spells, and if the spells are easy to use then, those black magic spells would be the first and topmost priority of any person looking for a love spell.
Love spells were used from an old age time when many of us did not even know about black magic. Only some deep parts of few countries were prevalent with the know-how of black magic and love spells. Still, today, with the increase in technology and reach to the masses, most of us are aware of black magic and love spells. However, we all know that a love psychic is the best person to cast a spell that would be effective and give out good and quick results. However, we also search the internet and find that there are much such black magic easy love spells that anyone can cast only if we follow the instructions carefully and adequately.


Black magic spells would give you a hundred times more satisfaction after being cast as it gives you quicker results and results that you can feel in no time.


Love spells in themselves are a vast arena of spells, and thus it is required to mention that love spells can be f varied types and would differ in needs of the person for whom it is cast. Mostly it is seen that seduction spells are performed to get love back, get an ex back, but love spells are also done for good marriage proposals, good married life, good family, bring someone back, bring harmony in a relationship. These are just a few to name them, and hence love spells can be much broader when seen in true life.


A spellcaster can design a specific love spell as per the needs of the person who wants the spell to be cast. But as I had mentioned above, there are love spells that anyone can cast. Thus, I am giving you all a black magic easy love spell to find love.


You would need few items to cast the spell, a red carpet, five red candles, five red rose flowers, and a one-liter bottle of rose water with a bit of sandalwood dust. Pour the rosewater into a big container and mix the sandalwood dust in it properly. Then dip all the rose flowers in it, on the red carpet keep the pic of the person whom you want to make your love, if you do not have a picture then a full name with a facial description would do, mind you can do this for five names to see which one would become your love of life. Now, light up the five candles and place them on top of the pictures or the paper where you have written the name of the person. Place the rose flower near the candle and the picture so that it touches both the candle and the picture at the same time.


Chant the below spell once for each name, so if you have five names or pictures, you need to chant it five times. Let the candle burn to finish. Just before the candle relinquishes, it would try to burn the picture or paper as well. The paper or picture which does not burn even a little would be your best choice for making love and so on. So in this way, you will have five options with the best to the worst.



“Burn me down, burn me up
Burn my love if you are chaaaat
Tikledom tikeledim love burns not within”


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Black magic to make him think of me


Are you constantly thinking of someone, this means that you are in love with that person, but do you think that the person you love does not even think about you. If so, then you need help, yes, help with black magic to make him think about me. Black magic can show you wonderful results if you want someone to think about you. Black magic to make him think of me is a kind of love spell cast by a love psychic for those who want to attract specific people towards them.



It has been observed that black magic "to make him think of me"-spells is a must for girls who think that the guys do not look at them or are inferior compared to other girls present in the group. Dated long back in history, we would find traces of this black magic spell, which was practiced by many tribes to keep the man in control of the woman. It was believed that if a man thinks only about a specific lady, he would always listen to that lady only. Hence a harmony in love life can be maintained, but as knowledge of humankind grew, so grew the requirement and use of such spells, and today such black magic spells to make him think of me are used by many girls and women to attract guys towards them for a different reason.


We also found out that one of the reasons why girls want a specific man to be attracted towards them or think only about them is love or crush. Some other reasons might include indulging in a physical relationship or getting married. However, whatever the reason, such spells are powerful and give the results almost every time. In general, when such a black magic spell is required, the lady needs to consult a love psychic or spell caster, tell her problems and why she wasn't to make a man think only about her, and accordingly, the spell caster would design the black magic spell to make him think of me. However, while researching, I found out that such a black magic spell can be cast easily by following some steps and using some ingredients. Below I have enumerated the spell and how to cast it, make use of it to make a man fall for you and only you.


The most important thing you would need is a photo of the person you want to make think about you. You would also require your own photo. A bundle of red woolen string and around twelve rose petals. Keep the picture of the man and you facing each other so that both the photos kiss each other. Put the twelve rose petals between the photos, and then wrap the whole picture with the red woolen thread so that it is completely wrapped gets hidden inside. Every night keep the picture below your bed and then chant the below-written spell twelve times and think about the man kissing you and fulfilling your wishes and go to sleep, do this for twelve consecutive days, and you will see the magic within.


“lucumano sugamano pic the bilanamano
Hilathoriphi make thee puri
Itchasakti magaar aaaggaar thihano
Think of me and none for thee
I am the princess for you beee
lucumano sugamano pic the bilanamano Itchasakti magaar aaaggaar thihano”




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