Egyptian Witchcraft


Witchcraft in Egypt, or Egyptian witchcraft, is an ancient form of witchcraft practiced from the pre-Christian era. It is believed that Egyptian witchcraft is the first form of sorcery ever practiced and that all other witchcraft has been derived from this. Also known as Kemetism or Neterism, this was a revival of ancient Egyptian religion and followed worshiping idols and deities.


The Egyptian witchcraft practitioners generally praise and pray to idols or gods and goddesses, which have few forms, including the triple goddess of the waning, waxing, and full moon and the horned god of the sun, death, and all animal life. The practitioners also have congregations in the form of temples or covens. The temples and covens are places to learn more about Egyptian witchcraft, practice, and master it.



The moon plays a vital role in Egyptian witchcraft, and hence most of the festivals are celebrated as per moon cycles throughout the year and are known as Esbats or moon celebrations. Since most celebrations are based on moon cycles, practitioners also use the wheel of the year image representing the eight festivals, four agricultural festivals, and religious festivals and depicting the four solar festivals. Thus, the image has eight spokes in its wheel.
The Egyptian witches tend to cast more spells during the winter seasons or complete moon cycles since the moon plays a vital role. Hence, during the hours of thirty-first October to first November evening, the witches can gain the most powerful energies as this is a time of solstice and thus is considered the most auspicious period in Egyptian witchcraft. They believed that during this period, the blanket that separates the living world from the dead is at its thinnest and that the dead can easily come to the living world. Following this, many Egyptian witchcraft believers also celebrate this day and are ready to welcome their loved ones and have a feast with them. It is even observed that all men and women would tend to come out in the open under the moonlight to energize themselves on such days.


The main tool, which the Egyptian witchcraft practitioners use for casting magic, is a knife, or as described by them as the Athame or the sacred blade. Another tool that they use is a bowl of water, which represents the element of water and its properties like regeneration, emotion, and cleansing. The Athame is first charged with the energy of its owner and then used to create sacred drawings on the earth, where the owner's energy and will gathers to make the spell work. Some other renowned tools used by them represent the different elements of nature like fire, air, and earth. A pentacle is generally used to denote earth and its properties. A small saucer of soil or salt is even considered to be used to represent the properties of earth.


Egyptian witches have also incorporated the use of scarab in practicing spells and casting spells, because it is believed that scarab is a symbol of success and symbol of continuation of life through rebirth, hence it is believed that if anyone wears a scarab as an amulet or talisman then that person would be able to overcome all difficulties in the path of his or her success.


Egyptian witchcraft practices cast many different spells, like the love spell, bring my ex back spell, luck spell, money spell, curse removal spell, and many others. The difference in casting spells using the Egyptian witchcraft technique is a little unique. First, the problem is understood, and then a spell is decided upon. Once a spell has been decided upon, the spell is designed as per the needs of the individual. When designing the spell, a few things are considered. As the name and date of birth, an individual's material like cloth, hair or even tear or urine. This helps to cast the spell more accurately and helps in attaching the individual more closely with the spell being cast so that they can get a more accurate result.


Then the witch would wait for the specific moon cycle period, and when the time is correct, the spell would be cast after performing rituals and praising and praying to the specific deity, god or goddess. Now, once the spell casting has been performed, the material used would be converted into a talisman or an amulet. It needs to be worn by the individual. Sometimes, at the end of the spell casting, the material used is also converted into potions that must be consumed or sprinkled by the individual. Thus this gives more quick results for the spell cast.


Looking into this aspect of performing a ritual and casting a spell, one can very well identify that an Egyptian witchcraft spell is much more powerful than any other spell technique used. Hence, one can ensure that the spell would surely give a quick, fast, and long-lasting result.



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