Haiti - Magical country of the Caribbeans


Hispaniola, a small island divided into two small Caribbean countries, one of which is Haiti. Haiti occupies the western side of the island and is smaller compared to the eastern part. Haiti is mostly known for its long devastating and frequently occurring earthquakes; but again, let me tell all my readers that Haiti is also known for its black magic and vodou.


Haiti is said to be discovered by the sailor Columbus on his trip to Asia, who claimed this island for the dwelling of the Spanish people and named it accordingly, which later came to be what we know today – HISPANIOLA. This island was divided into small territories, but after the government came into action this island was divided into two parts, one of which is HAITI.


Haiti has a strong cultural background that tends to root from Africa and mostly western Africa, with its religion tending towards the Latin American culture or Christianity. Hence the practice of black magic also prevails and is mostly similar to those practiced in Africa, especially the practice of vodou.


It is such said that long time ago, the residents of Haiti had signed a deal with the devil, wherein they asked the devil to free them from the slavery of the French, which was done, but then the devil cursed Haiti for which as of date Haiti is in poverty, illness and disaster, wherein the only other country apart from Haiti – Dominican republic in the same island of Hispaniola flourishes with wealth and prosperity. Thou this fact is also considered to be just some rumor or story line, but the proofs that exist shows the truth and hence eventually the residents of Haiti started practicing black magic which was taken over from generations to generations.


Vodou also known as voodoo is practiced as a religion in Haiti, like most other African countries. But unlike other countries of the Caribbean cannibalism is not practiced by people of Haiti. Haitians believe in preserving the bones of their ancestors and show respect to those bones, preserved in shrines. Haitians believe that the bones of their ancestors have got magical and healing powers and value them a lot. The Haitians celebrates the all souls day (as per Roman Catholic calendar) as FET GEDE, where they believe that their ancestor(s) soul would descend from heaven and come to meet them via possessing in a family member’s body. Even black magic spells are casted to invoke these ancestral souls for the purpose of healing, protection or acquiring wealth.


Below I have marked some important features and other understandings as per vodou in Haiti or the basic concepts of VODOU as per the region of Haiti.


There is only one God, known as Bondye, similar to GOD(S) of other faith but he is the only god. Apart from the only god, there are spirits which are mostly categorized in three sects.


1. LWA – the spirits of family members and also known as the spirits of the elements and forces of the earth, Lwa is believed to interact with people or those who call them and summon them.
2. The TWINS – they are known to be the mystical forces of good and bad and are served with almost care so that they help you for a better life.
3. The DEAD – these are considered to be souls of some person belonging to a certain family, or also known as ancestral souls, whose body was not claimed after their death.


The main reason for practicing voodoo especially in Haiti lies to the fact that it is used for healing purpose and a vodou doctor is known as houngan (male) or mambo (female). They perform black magic used for healing or for calming down the spirits to that of preparing love portions and creating death spells and curses. The houngan or a mambo may ask for some money for the spell or ritual they would perform for someone, wherein at times they would not.


The rituals or black magic spell performed by houngan or mambo take place in the open or in some place higher than the ground, like the roof were everyone is asked to join, drums are played and people dance to the tune, in the presence of LA PLACE. It is said that since houngans and mambos uses LWA spirit, hence during the performance of the ritual LWA comes and takes over a body, so that LWA can give remedies or help to the person for whom the ritual is performed.


Again to be more precise vodou in itself is divided into two parts
1. Rada – known as the vodou of a family spirit or a peaceful lwa.
2. Petro – also known as Congo, vodou of angry and bad lwa.
Rada is performed for the purpose of well-being, wealth, healing, protection wherein Petro is performed for killing someone, or for cursing and bringing ill luck to someone. Well, this is all about vodou and black magic in the Caribbean, to be more precise black magic practiced in Haiti and before I end this, I have summed up some specific terms related to Haitian vodou, which are used in Haiti. Please read below to enhance your knowledge.


  • Hounfo - the area or region of houngan or mambo's guidance.
  • Govi - a small earthen bottle into which the gros-bon-ange of dead ancestors are kept.
  • Serviteurs - serious practitioners of Voodoo.
  • ason--the magical shake of the houngan or mambo.
  • Lave tet – also known as washing of the head – a beginning ceremony held for individuals after they have been mounted for the first time.
  • Kanzo - the introduction ceremonies for those moving into a very serious level of Voodoo practice.
  • Ason - the final beginning into being a houngan or mambo. This is a very secret ritual which is performed in the absence of others.
  • Verve – a ritual of drawing different lwa with flour.
  • Peristyle – a very tiny vodou temple.
  • poto mitan – a center pole inside the vodou temple or peristyle were the rituals take place.
  • Les Invisibles - all spirits.
  • Les Mysteries - the lwa themselves.
  • Crossroads – an image used in vodou practice, where the world of spirit meets the earth.
  • Legba - An old man who is the gatekeeper between the two worlds and the origin of life.
  • Kalfu – a very dangerous lwa and equivalent to Petro, he is the spirit of darkness and night.
  • Papa Ghede - Lord of eroticism.
  • Dumballah also known as the figure of father - He is the good snake and the path to peace and serenity.
  • Agwe - The supreme of the seas.
  • Ogoun – also known as the warrior spirit.
  • Erzulie – known as the mother earth and the spirit of love and beauty and is the most loved form of lwa.




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