History of Black Magic


Black magic- one of the universe's strongest and powerful spiritual forces, has become one of the most reliable and assuring sources of a solution to people worldwide. Gone are the days when people would shrink away at the mention of the dark arts and would discriminate against black magic. In the modern world, black magic is a fascinating phenomenon and a very commonplace idea. It is surprising that thousands of years ago when black magic first came into being, it was regarded as a sin. People practicing black magic were hugely deprived and executed. This represented a time when people's faith and freedom were not respected. Black magic was regarded as a crime, and it was generally dismissed. In current times, the fate of black magic is strikingly different and is a result of years of keeping the faith.



During medieval times, when black magic was at its height, it was also the most talked-about issue among people. It was widely practiced but not openly. Free discussions about dark magic or practicing black arts were strictly prohibited. The witch trials and hunts are a popular theme, which is familiar to everybody. People were mercilessly executed for practicing witchcraft, and this gave rise to a raging fear among the common folks regarding black magic. Since the middle ages, black magic flourished and gave rise to several branches, the most important being witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, etc. Witchcraft is the most widely used kind of black magic, along with sorcery which exists in our lives at an elementary level. Necromancy mainly concentrated on communication with the dead, which gave rise to a lot of speculations among the people. It went on to become an object of extreme interest.


Necromancy mainly involves communicating with the dead through various ways like summoning the spirits or by making the spirits appear as a bodily manifestation. The element of fortune-telling is a vital part of necromancy, which sets it apart from séances. Necromancy is considered a forbidden art, mainly because of its connection with the dead. It is largely associated with shamanism, though it differs from it in a certain way. Mutterings or trance chanting are an integral part of necromancy, and it is believed to be bearing better results. There are references to necromancy in Homer's 'Odyssey' and other classical Greek texts. Necromancy is one of the most important types of black magic, and it is also the most effective and the most complex. Incantation, divination spells, magic circles are relevant parts of necromancy. The practices related to necromancy involve an extremely complicated procedure, and very experienced set of skills are required.


Necromancy dates back to the Ancient Greek civilizations when this form of witchcraft was exceedingly common and considered an essential part of one's life. An element of the afterlife and foresight was associated with it. It was often believed that a pure and ultimate form of knowledge would be attainable in bringing back the dead. Certain ancient necromancers practiced gruesome rituals, including mutilation in bringing back the dead, but those rituals gradually vanished and made way for more practical usage. Necromancy is an extremely difficult art to master, and very few practitioners can successfully perform these practices. For performing a ritual with perfection, a very experienced set of skills is required to do nothing wrong. Necromancy involves summoning the dark spirits. Thus, preventive measures have to be maintained to avoid any disasters or undesirable events.


Several popular texts talk about necromancy

Several popular texts talk about necromancy as it is an unusually enchanting subject. One of the most famous books, ' The Necronomicon' by H.P. Lovecraft, is an established fictional grimoire that talks about necromancy. How Lovecraft conceived the title is a mystery to his readers, but the author's inclination toward black magic was no secret. Lovecraft himself proclaimed that he was immensely influenced by Greek Literature and scriptures, where the process of necromancy is a common one. Even Roman texts mention necromancy, which Lovecraft later referred to. Interestingly, the book 'Necronomicon' was often cited as a forbidden book due to its supernatural content, which dealt mainly with the dark arts. But with fans of Lovecraft reading and circulating it on a wide basis, this book could not remain banned for long. After a few years of publication, Lovecraft wrote a pseudo-history of Necronomicon, named 'The History of Necronomicon.' This book was mainly written to satisfy the curiosity of the fans who wanted to know more about the subject, and Lovecraft's book just triggered their excitement on the matter.


Books similar to Necronomicon have often been written and circulated among people before and after the book's release. Though very few of them received equal attention, the topic raised a surge of interest among people. In the Elizabethan period, a magician named John Dee wrote a very similar book, but it never got published. According to the history of Necronomicon, the very art of studying necromancy is dangerous. But such theories were dismissed by Lovecraft himself, who proclaimed they were made to raise the level of intrigue. The art of necromancy is dealt with in the book in a very distinct manner, which provides details and leaves little to the imagination. But enthusiasts always came up with new questions. Even today, necromancy is an intriguing concept that may have been old but never forgotten.


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Black magic is one of the most livid sources of mystery to many. Its extraordinary powers and possession of powers beyond normal imagination are an extreme point of interest among people. Witchcraft is one of the other forms of black magic, which in turn has several implications. It is applied in several ways, through spells, divination procedures, etc. It is remarkable how witchcraft has made its way to people's minds and made a name for itself as an extremely functioning supernatural solution. Sometimes logic indeed abandons human sense, man is rendered hopeless, and witchcraft provides a ray of hope in those situations. It is not simply beyond logic but functions in a way that accommodates almost every issue. Especially the usage of spells to deal with a situation is gaining popularity among the common folks. It is amazing how people have come to embrace the dark arts.


The history of black magic is a very complex ordeal, and the dark arts had to go through several ups and downs to eventually reach a stage that is so easy to accept and apply in normal lives. The process of change has not been easy, but the practitioners and enthusiasts have been firm believers. The faith is what has kept the dark arts from vanishing all these years. Be it witchcraft or sorcery or necromancy. Dark arts has been a source of extreme amounts of research and studies, leading people to believe and black magic and embrace it. Today black magic stands at a position where it is impossible to deny its presence within the common lives, and its effects must be acknowledged. Its impeccable success rate is even more of a reason for people's confidence in it. Black magic stands as simple but complex phenomenon beyond clear comprehension but functioning in perfect order


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