Love spells with Clothes- Homemade


Love spells with Clothes


Any clothes that a person wears or even a handkerchief that one uses would represent them because when we wear clothes or use a handkerchief, our sweat from our body is soaked into it. Sweat leaving our body has our aura, scent, and other body fluids mixed in it. Moreover, sweat is produced inside the layers of our topmost skin and then drips down when in excess, which is collected in our cloth. Thus worn clothes are a vital part of our self. It, in a manner, represents us as a whole.


In sorcery, witchcraft, and magic, the use of clothes is very prevalent. When the picture or other details of a person on whom a spell is cast, cannot be obtained for any reason, then a used piece of cloth or especially a cloth piece which has sweat or blood of the person on it, is used to cast the spell.


Love spells with clothes are very effective and accurate because since a used cloth would be used hence the spell would show effects only on the person who has used the clothes. Thus it minimizes the errors that can or could take place when casting a spell. Moreover, since the cloth has sweat or blood in it, the cloth itself works like the person's body, and the effects of the spells can be appropriately injected into the person on whom the spell is cast.


It is always suggested to approach a learned love psychic for performing such love spells with clothes. However, below is one spell that anyone can practice, and if performed correctly and carefully, it will give a great result. This spell is used to ignite the passion of love or sex in a person of your choice. You would need a worn cloth of the person; the best is to get any undergarment of the person you want to cast the spell. Please make sure you don't wash the undergarment. It has to have the sweat from the body and the scent of the person.


Take this cloth and write your name and your desires. Burn the cloth, and while the cloth is burning, chant the below spell fifteen times. Take the ashes and bury them in the person's garden or in some pot in their house. If they do not have either of the options presents, then bury the ashes in a pot of red rose flower and gift the pot to the person. Ask the person to water it for fifteen days because the person would satisfy you sexually in these fifteen days.



“I want it hard


I want it soft


I want it from you


Oh be my moth


Come to me


Hug me thee


Pass your warmth in me


Make me hot and flee.”