Black Magic allows you to get revenge from your enemies and harm them spiritually and physically


Black Magic allows you to get revenge from your enemies and harm them spiritually and physically

Black magic has existed since the dawn of history and has been used extensively by many. Though its uses have reduced much in the Middle Ages, it has become quite prevalent recently, with many practicing the same.  Black magic is quite dangerous to practice, and when not performed in the right manner, it would have disastrous effects on the person on whom the spell is being cast and the person who practices or casts the spell.


There have been profound cases when black magic spells have fired back and have ruined the lives of the spell casters. Mostly when performing curses and hexes . There are also several registered cases where the health and happiness of individuals have been destroyed. In few rare cases, fatal consequences have also been noted where one either succumbs to death or commits suicide. Tragically, the innocent soul had become a victim of black magic without any fault of his or hers.


It has been noticed that when practitioners of black magic like witches and wizards perform these kinds of rituals, they tend to utter few words, which the common person term as spells. These magical words have a prominent enchanted influence of whomsoever the same is cast. Spells or invocations are basically seen in both kinds of black and white magic.


When we move back during the ancient days, it has been seen that the Pharaohs of Egypt used to chant various kinds of spells for achieving the desired results. The primary reason for resorting to various spells is to manipulate things that otherwise are impossible without the support of supernatural elements. There was a great influence in the field of politics as well during the olden days. There also were eminent and efficient spellcasters as well as magicians in the court of Kings.


Black magic has always been resorted to when one is overwhelmed with anger and wants to take revenge upon the said person. One resorts to such disastrous steps as one finds it impossible to harm or cause destruction to the person concerned and requires the support of some superior forces. 


Few basic symptoms noticed in individuals who have become victims of black magic have been enumerated. To start with, one loses sleep and starts to have sleepless nights. Mood swings are prevalent quite conspicuously. A foul smell from the person's breath that never goes even after bathing several times is another symptom that indicates that the person is suffering from the magical effect of the evil spell cast upon him.


Black magic has spread wide across various world regions but has been incorporated in various forms and with varied practices. You might find various superstitious practices followed in the Asian countries, whereas less superstitious in the western countries like America, Britain, and Australia.


Whatever the modes or methods followed in performing black magic, its evil intention with which the same is performed remains the same. As these evil spells which are cast have serious effects which can harm the individual both spiritually as well as physically, it is always advisable to be cautious on one's part (Though again, how one can remain cautious is another big question mark!).



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