JuJu, the dark side of Voodoo


We have heard a lot about the practice of black magic in African countries; especially the practice of voodoo, but the fact book states that voodoo is used for good magic or white magic were in JuJu is used when it comes to black magic in African countries. Juju has derived its name from a French word joujou which means toy and is performed to capture supernatural powers into an object.


JuJu, the dark side of Voodoo

The objects or idol in which a juju is kept or stored can be anything ranging from that of a coconut shell to that of a bird’s wing or might be a head of some animal, one of such idol is carved out with the hands of the monkey and is very prevalent in western Africa. Even one can find juju temples.



These objects or idols can be made only by a sorcerer or a witch doctor practicing juju. Once the idol or object is created, the witch doctor calls upon juju and summons it, stored in the idol or object created for the purpose.



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Juju is often confused with voodoo, but both have different ways for casting the rituals and the black magic spell. Juju, in due course of time, has obtained spiritual value, which lacks in voodoo. Juju also has the good and bad aspects of magic, and it is believed that good juju can be used for healing internally, spiritually, and physically. Wherein bad juju can be used to enforce jealousy, revenge and cause ill or bad luck. Rather, we can say that bad juju is used to harm someone.


Once the sorcerer performs the juju ritual, then the idol or object used, which also contains some used piece of cloth or any other material of the candidate, is turned into a talisman or an amulet or is made into portions that are required to be consumed as medicines.
Witch doctors performing the ritual for juju are very specific about what they are doing.


Good juju is also known as idem and bad juju are known as mbiam and witch doctors practicing either good, bad or both kind of juju can be a male or a female as well. Another aspect of juju is – it is carried forward to generations if performed and also worshiped. Many incidents have been recorded for the same in Africa where the son becomes lucky because his parents used a good juju in their life.


There have been a lot of stories associated with juju, and that juju being not only a spirit but also a form of god, being feared by the people who come under the territory and also worshipped, people even make offerings of a different kind to juju god.


The trend to worship a juju god not only bears its fruit in Africa but is also prevalent in American countries and European countries where many Africans have settled in due course of time. Although juju making is a form of witchcraft and black magic to most believers, in this educated society, we also have people who are making juju just for mere living or for trading and business. One of the most commonly known juju crafters or makers is called marabouts. Their work is to craft juju for trading and business.



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