Love Spells using Honey and Blood




Love spells using honey


Honey is a sweet nectar that is obtained from the bee hives via different process, it is very tasty to eat it and is used in many preparations, well this is what we all know about honey right? But, what if, I tell you that love spells are often casted using honey. Yes love spells using honey is made lot of time to bring in the sweet effects and results of the love spell being created and casted.



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Since honey bears a resemblance of female hood as it is produced only by the female bees, hence honey is used in love spells where a female needs to be attracted or bought back or lured for relationship. The right use of honey in a love spell will give out quick results and strong results. Below are few love spells using honey that you can cast for yourself.


Spell 1: To bring back your girlfriend, you would need her picture and a little used cloth or hair of her, put the hair on the picture then wrap the picture with her used cloth, then pour honey on the cloth so that the cloth is wet with honey, put it in a glass jar and chant the below spell three times and place the jar near your window, in some day the picture will start to dissolve and when the picture dissolves your girlfriend would come back to you.


“Dissolve and solve Bring her back Honey o honey Sweet like honey”



Spell 2: this spell is used to get more sexual pleasure from your woman, you would need a red female genital candle, light it up and take some honey on a glass jar, heat the honey on the flame of the candle and chant the below spell five times, then mix two drops of olive oil, one drop of rose water and one pinch of sandalwood powder. Put this portion on the lips of your woman or on any of her private part if you can and you will see that she would like to have more and more sex with you every day.



Spell 3: this is for ladies only, used for attracting a man, fill a tub with warm water, mix lavender oil in it and a bottle full of honey, take a bath in the water and make sure to rub your face with honey and water from the tub, while doing so chant the below spell eleven times then next day meet the person whom you want to attract and you will see the magic. “Beauty and sweetness within Love me sweet pine Am the grape sweet like honey Come to me oh thy mine”



Love spells using menstrual blood


When we talk about love spells, most of us do not know that in the beginning or what we call it today as folk magic, spell casters used to use bodily fluids to cast love spells and the most powerful bodily fluids were the semen, urine and menstrual blood, yes you might think that is nasty but that is the truth, love spells using menstrual blood was a way to bind a man or get unexpected sexual desires from the man, at times the same was also used to keep the man faithful and also to heal and bring back a lover or even make someone love you.


Much of the love spells using menstrual blood required the menstrual blood to be mixed with coffee or tea or with some food item dark or red in color like those of pasta sauces and then let the man consume it, this was done once or many times depending on the spell casted and hence would give out great results. Below are few love spells using menstrual blood that you can cast for yourself, however approaching a professional love psychic would be the best option when it comes to casting such love spells.


Spell 1: collect your menstrual blood in a container, then take the photo of the man whom you want to get love from, put your menstrual blood all over the photo and chant the below spell thrice then take the menstrual blood from the photo and mix it in a food item probably a sweet or cake and give it to the man to be had, make sure only he has it, in three days that man will propose to you and will want to be only with you.


“Flowing river of blood Let him flow to me I give my blood for him to come to me”


Spell 2: Buy a men genital candle, write the name of the man with whom you want to have sex, then rub the candle on your vagina when you are having periods so that your menstrual blood sticks to the candle, when doing so think that the candle is your man’s penis then on a full moon night light up the candle and let it burn whole, while its burning chant the spell written below as many times as you can and you will see that within a week that man will be crazy to have sex with you.


“Alkumuku bibandoris Dig me up horis horis Mithe bolite che aste bochor abar hobe”


Spell 3: make a tomato puree, add some carrots and beet roots to it to make the color more dark then add two drops of your menstrual blood in it mix it properly and give it to the man on whom you want the spell you want to cast, ask him to have it every day regularly but make sure only he has it with any other food he wants to, and each day that he has it you cast the spell below once every night and the day the mixture would finish the next day the man would want to marry you.


“lal rup lal rong Lal mane sob jon Finish what I made, marry and I make Lal rup lal rong Lal mane sob jon”





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