White magic spells respect free will while Black Magic intends to manipulate persons for your personal benefits


White magic respects free will while Black Magic intends to manipulate persons for your personal benefits

The dark world of magic has much to unfold but few know about this obscure world which has remained hidden to many since the dawn of history. It has been noticed that the faith which many have in expecting miracles to happen has forced individuals to resort to these superstitious methods.  The basic human tendency to believe and expect miracles to happen, experience happiness, accomplishments, and redemption from the bondages of failures which is always is not possible by human potentialities forces a human to resort to the powers of this dark world.






When we indulge into this dark obscure world of magic we get to find that there is a broad differentiation that exists, namely black and white magic. Black magic refers mainly to those kinds of supernatural dark powers which have malevolent and self –centered interests. White magic on the other hand practices methods for the benefits of one without harming others. This is where the basic difference lies between black and white magic, as black magic is never much concerned about the fact that who is injured or harmed in the process of helping or saving the other who is practicing the black magic skill.


White Magic Spells


The prime principle on which white magic works is never to use any kinds of magic spells on individuals without their consent Like for example if an individual has taken the help of some white magic practicing individual for fulfilling some purpose and in achieving the same if another individual is also needed to be involved in the spell, then the practitioner would never cast any kind of spell on the 3rd person without his/ her knowledge.  This is where white magic scores in comparison to the black magic. White magic spells are non manipulative .


Spells to control someone


There is a strong contrast in between both these domains of black and white magic and so are its practices as well as the ethics followed. In black magic, prayer is more passive in nature having the intention of causing destruction for the person against whom the same spell is being casted. On the other hand, in white magic, prayer is more of a creation with determination and reverence for the others.


Individuals practicing black magic perform evil and malevolent spells with the hope and faith that something good might turn out from this kind of evil practices, though various laws of nature are broken in doing the same. On the other hand individuals practicing white magic perform minimized or no evil white spells which is in accordance with the laws of nature. Furthermore it has been seen that individuals who practice black magic always tends to invoke forces which are so obscure and immeasurable by others, but white magic practitioners on the other hand have inferences and speculations which are open for review and have nothing which needs to be kept obscure or hidden. Though there are various differences which exists in these kinds of black and white magic, the basic difference which is prominent remains the same that the former always manipulates the others for one’s own personal interests, using some mind control techniques or spells, whereas the latter gives adequate respect to an individual’s free will and choices.



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Casting Black Magic spells allow you to be in control of people's mind and have them to do what they're ordered to do. The secrets of this intense power are that thanks to Black Magic, it becomes possible to control the mind of anyone.




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