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Santeria love spells can be of various nature and can vary as per different needs of different individuals. The standard part in all the spell creation under Santeria religion is about performing the ceremonies and offerings of flowers and herbs specific to the specific orishas and getting the ashes from them to establish a successful goal in casting the love spell.


These love spells can be used for finding true love, bringing an ex back, removing problems related to love life, commitment from your side or your lover, or even used to break up couples from a love relationship. Santeria love spells are also used to attract someone for love and romance purposes or for fulfilling lust and passion and sex. Mostly, all these spells are cast only by the Santero. At times you would also find a Babalawo taking part actively in the spell ritual. Still, if you follow some steps correctly, you can cast Santeria love spells by yourself, but again to get quick and perfect results, you should always rely on a spell cast by the Santero.


To cast Santeria love spells in general for strengthening your relationship with your lover, you must first know which deity to praise and pray to. You should select the specific herbs and flowers that the orisha claims as to their own and offer them. Once you pleased the deity with your offering, you will get the power of fulfilling your wish. Remember; you can wish only once and be very specific since a wish cannot be duplicated or be in general. Let's say you wish for a strong love relationship. Make sure you state your wish to be specific as to have a stronger love relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend since love can exist in any relationship.


Once your wish is granted, make sure to thank the orisha and keep a record of the development of the spells results. You need to note whether your relationship with your lover is getting stronger or not—only you who can perfectly judge this.


A little more insight on how to cast the spell: for the spell, you would need to please Elegba, deity of Santeria religion. Keep a red heart-shaped piece of paper on an altar and write your full name and your lover's full name on it. Then draw a chain from your name to your lover's name. On the other side, write your wish to get your relationship stronger. Now, place a pink candle and a purple candle on both sides of the paper. Light them up and then offer pink or purple flowers on the altar for the deity and remember, if you have the slightest intention of harming someone, then the orisha will never help you achieve what you are looking for.



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