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Money is something that is never enough for anyone. The more we get, the more we want, wherein the more we get, the more we spend, so the urge to get even more arises. However, it is also seen that many are in real financial and money-related problems in their life. It is that they either do not have money or they cannot hold and spend money appropriately.


Santeria money spells are a strong way to eliminate your entire money problem and money-related problems. Santeria money spell would open the powerful form of attracting money towards you and henceforth will relieve you from any financial hardship that you are residing at this time. A specifically designed Santeria money spell would help give more substantial power to the forces liable to attract money.


A Santeria money spell can be further broken into different kind if variety of spells as per the need, in general they are categorized as power money spell, prosperity spell, success spell, job spell, gambling spell , lotto spell and business protection spell. Like every other Santeria spells, a Santeria money spell is also to be cast by a santero and only after performing the right ceremony and pleasing the deity or orishas who are responsible for bestowing the power to bring in money to someone. But today, some Santeria money spells are also designed so that an individual can cast the same.


This spell is designed for frequent lotto players, and if you are the one in the same category, you should try it out. You would need a yellow or green chart paper where you write all the numbers used in lotto. Either one to ninety-nine or one to forty-nine. On the other side of the chart paper, write the date when you want to play the lotto. Then place the chart paper on the altar and cover it with yellow flowers. Then light up a yellow candle and a green candle and wish for the numbers of lotto that would come up as winning numbers on the specific date you have already written. Hold both the candles in your hand and pour twenty drops of yellow wax and twenty-one drops of green wax on the chart paper. Remove the chart paper, and you would see only the winning numbers.


It would be best if you cast this Santeria money spell repeatedly whenever you want to see the winning numbers for your play date. Go ahead, try it out and use the money well.



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