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Magic spells really work, but the fact is magic spells that work need to be performed properly, spell casters who are highly trained can cast spells that work, even you will find many spells over the internet or on different magic books, but the only way to make those magic spells work is to cast them right. Mostly magic spells when performed or casted require few ingredients and mixing of those ingredients, it is very necessary that these ingredients are bought with special selection and are mixed in proper and nominated percentage for the magic spell to work out.


You will find three magic spells that really work with complete instructions on how to cast them and the ingredients required to cast them, follow the steps properly and you will see that the magic spells really work.


Magic spell to trap a soul


You would need a glass container of around two fifty milliliter, a black butterfly, a white candle, this spell needs to be performed either in full moon night or in new moon night only, this spell should be performed only after two o’clock midnight.


Close your room in which you would be performing the magic, only keep a window open, let the black butterfly fly, light up the candle and place it below to glass container, then chant the below spell twenty one times, you will see that the butterfly will come and get inside the container and once it does close the lid of the container quickly to trap the butterfly because the butterfly will by this time have the soul of the person which you want to trap, let the candle relinquish itself and then bury the container in a flower pot, do this for a full phase of moon to keep the effect of the spell for long time.


“Elatromus stupendum
Fatium mazinumun
Personus solus slodum
Trapunumus bilitronumus”


Magic spell to win an ex back


You would need a red heart shaped candle, make sure there is no design on the candle and that the candle is plain, you would also need a needle and two red rose petals. With the help of the needle first inscribe the name of your ex-lover on one side of the candle and on the other side inscribe your name, draw a link from both sides of the names to attach the other name with it, break the needle in two halves and on each line drawn attach a rose petal with the help of the broken needle. Now light up the candle and let it burn slowly, keep observing it, a point will come when the petals will get burnt at that time chant the below spell five times and keep observing the candle, when the candle will blow off the broken pieces of the needles should join with each other in the wax, if it does then you have correctly enchanted the spell and performed the ritual and in five days’ time your ex-lover would get back to you.


“Lusitocus anenumus
Ibilisumus gibrael
Unite us both as we are broken
Tohunutum bibrel.”


Magic spell for good luck in lotto


For casting a magic spell for good luck in lotto, you would need a lotto card and a white candle, this spell needs to be performed each time you go to play lotto, so make sure you have adequate cards. Just before you are going to step out to buy a lotto, light up the white candle and burn the lotto card and cast the below spell three times, take the ashes and blow off the candle, rub the ashes on your lips and say whatever numbers comes on your mouth, loud enough so that you can hear it, buy the lotto with those numbers and you will see that you will win every time you perform the spell.


“Lucomoti luck
Britogrili luck
Lippo luck
Lottomonous luck.”





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