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The deity worshipped in the Wiccan religion is believed to be the goddess of fertility and the moon god, and the other god who is worshiped is the horned god. When we talk about fertility, we should also understand that fertility can mean a lot of things, and there could be many ways for someone to be fertile.


Similarly, in the past, it was observed that many women who were seeking marriage proposals would approach a witch or a Wiccan spell caster, asking them to grant them a wish of getting a wealthy husband. He is successful and has a lot of power to secure the lady's future financially and physically. It was also seen that the relatives or the lady's parents would visit a spell caster and ask them to cast a spell before they start looking for alliances for their daughter. This was done to ensure that their daughter gets in proposals only from wealthy individuals and thus marries the best wealthy person from the group or crowd.


If we keenly study Wicca, we will see that this practice still prevails in many countries, and with the growth in technology, now these rituals can even be done sitting far away from the person on whom it is required to be cast.


The demand for this Wiccan spell was very high. Hence some learned spell casters even developed a general spell to help people by giving out the spell, which they can cast by themselves. You would need few ingredients which are specific but not hard to find. Using those ingredients and the spell designed, and the time mentioned for the spell to be cast, the spell works like a charm and gives accurate results. Many people have noted that the Wiccan spells to get wealthy husbands works even if cast by an average person. The only thing they state is the use of ingredients, and the time of casting the spell should be maintained as in the instructions.


Do not worry. You do not have to look for the spell I am talking about anywhere because I have summed up the spell in easy English so that even a kid can understand. I have listed it below for your ease of access. Go ahead and try it if you are looking to get married and want your daughter (or yourself) to get a wealthy husband.


You would need your picture, but in black and white, your picture should be a full-length picture taken from a distance so that you are correctly and visible. You would need dragon blood which you have to pour on the picture and then cover the picture with yellow rose petals, put it inside a pot, cover the pot with sand from the sea and soil from the river, and plant a white rose plant in it. You would need to do this on a crescent moon night once you are done. Each night you have to cast the below spell thrice and pour rose water on the plant. The following day, take a spoon full of soil and rub it on your face before bathing, do this for fifteen days or until the next crescent moon appears, and then start looking for alliances. You would see that those approaching you (or your daughter) are from wealthy families.


“Richness thy me
Make me a queen
Gold and silver is what I have
Diamonds lay behind my back
Ajaruri amatsya king O king be life partner of mine please.”



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