Voodoo and Black Magick


Voodoo spells are better than Voodoo dolls


Voodoo is a religion that also incorporates practicing magic. In voodoo, magic is cast using different tools and ingredients. Since most of the voodoo spells cast would require performing a ritual before the magic could be cast, many houngans use voodoo dolls to perform the magic. Love spell is a much talked about magic spell that is widely used and considered when we talk about magic spells, and thus voodoo also practices casting love magic.


There are two methods followed in voodoo to cast love magic: casting a voodoo love spell and using a voodoo doll. Below, we will understand how these two different methods are used, which is better, and why.


When casting a love magic, a voodoo priest or priestess will use a voodoo doll, some black mustard seeds, red cloth, and some pins along with lemons and vermilion. This voodoo doll is first prepared by attaching a picture, photo, or used a piece of cloth or hair from the body of the person who needs to be represented. Then the rituals are performed using the other items as stated above. At the end of the ritual, some pins are inflicted on the doll's body to inflict the pins on the person's body and make the love spell come to an active state. Wherein a voodoo love spell is performed using items that might or might not depict the person when casting a voodoo love spell, the houngan would offer flowers and burn incense sticks to the respective deity. Then offer a prayer to please the deity. Once the prayer is completed, the houngan will have acquired some extra power. They would mumble some words which are not understood by others, and the love spell is complete.


The effects of a voodoo love spells are stronger and lasts more because it is believed that those words that the houngan mumbles are words mumbled directly by the deity who is pleased with the offerings, which means the deity would help achieve a favorable result for the love spell which is cast, moreover since no items depicting any person is used to make a form of that person. Hence the love spell cannot be dismantled as with the use of a voodoo doll. If the doll is broken or taken away by someone else, then the spell's effect can be turned, stopped, or ended.


Thus it is always preferred that love magic, using voodoo, should be cast in the form of voodoo love spells rather than using voodoo dolls. It is also found that magic performed using voodoo dolls can inflict pain or even harm the person the doll depicts. Thus it is not much advised or suggested by many voodoo spell casters today. Moreover, once cast, a voodoo love spell can also be used to make an elixir or talisman. Giving a quick result if appropriately used, wherein a voodoo love spell using a voodoo doll does not permit making an elixir or talisman. Hence looking into all the aspects of voodoo magic and creation and casting of love spell, it is always preferred that love magic be cast using voodoo love spell rather than using voodoo doll techniques.



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