Voodoo and Black Magick


Voodoo and black magic, are the same?


Many of us think that voodoo and black magic are the same. Hence today, let us understand these differences or similarities properly. Before we step into understanding whether voodoo and black magic are the same, let us know what voodoo is and what black magic is. It is essential to know the definition of both voodoo and black magick to understand whether voodoo and black magic are the same or not.


Any magic that practices the use of nocturnal energy present around us to fulfill a wish is known as black magic. Nocturnal energies are energies or spirits that are awake and strong during the nighttime when human beings sleep. It is believed that the passage between hell and earth opens up at an hour of the night, and these nocturnal energies are released out from the hell where they reside to the world.


Since magic has no color, people who defined and categorized it had brought forth black magic as a category of magic. They believed that those who practiced black magic, those who took the help of nocturnal energies, could cast more powerful spells. The reason being the nocturnal energies would perform their task at an hour of night when other energies and human beings are resting; hence they would not be able to defend themselves from these nocturnal energies.


Wherein, on the other hand, voodoo is found to be a religion, long time back voodoo was practiced by those living in Haiti, but later with the bringing of slaves to other countries, this religion spread and came to be known as voodoo. The practice of voodoo generally combines performing rituals to different forms of deities. It is expected that if the deities are happy with the rituals performed, they will help the person or grant a wish to that person.


Since most of the rituals were performed during nighttime, keeping in mind that the spirit of these deities can be invoked only after sunset or during moon phases, it started believing that voodoo uses black magic. In real voodoo does not use black magic but is a religion in itself that involves performing rituals and offering offerings to different deities. Even voodoo has a special priest and priestess, known as the houngans, who study the voodoo religion properly and have adequate knowledge about performing voodoo rituals to make a deity happy.


Many learned people have debated on this topic of whether voodoo and black magic are the same or not, but if we closely observe and study the aspects of both black magic and voodoo we will realize that voodoo is a religion whereas black magic is a technique. Voodoo uses similar techniques to complete the rituals in its religion hence many do stand in the favor that voodoo and black magic are the same.


I intended to write this article with a thought that it will clear the perception of all those who were bewildered with the fact that voodoo and black magic were the same and I hope this will clear the cloudy idea and knowledge that one has for the fact that voodoo and black magic are not entirely same.



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