Weather Spells


Spells to change the weather


Mother Nature is mighty, but it has been discovered that people a long time ago used to cast spells to change the weather.
These spells, to change the weather, were cast to give relief to people. For example, there was a drought in a village, and people needed rain to survive; thus, the spell caster would cast spells to change the weather and bring in rain in that particular zone. Since no one can completely control Mother Nature, even the spell casters can't, for which the spells to change the weather were cast for a specific area only, which was then closed to only a few square miles.


Understanding this aspect of how the spells to change the weather would only affect a very small region, it can be clearly made out that spells caster would have to do a lot of hard work and cast a similar kind of spell repeatedly.


Again we should also understand that spells to change the weather were further broken into specific weather spells, enumerated below.


Storm Spell

This spell was used to bring in a storm in a particular region. A few things that were used to cast the spell included a wooden spoon, water, sea salt, and a red candle. The technique was to sit under a banyan tree overlooking a barren piece of land, pour the water in a bowl, mix the sea salt, and stir it with the wooden spoon. The red candle gives heat to the bowl of water, and while stirring, a spell was cast to order and command. At times requested mother nature to send in a storm to the barren piece of land as much as visible with the naked eye, it was believed that the storm would bring in fertile soil and spread it over the barren field and make it fertile land.


Sun in the sky spell

This spell was used to remove bad rainy weather or hurricanes and tornados and bring the sun with a bright and clear sky. Ingredients used were a bowl full of rainwater, normal eating salt, and an orange candle. The bowl needs to be placed where not even a drop of extra water can touch it as it would be filled till the brim. Then the salt needs to be mixed with it. The candle is placed inside the bowl and lighted up. Now the time taken by the candle to touch the water's surface is recorded and just when the light of the candle is touching the water. Before the candles die out due to water, the spell is cast, requesting the sun god to show up, take the flame and heat and light from the candle and glow in the sky.


Rain Spell

In medieval ages, this was the most used spells to change the weather since in many places where magic and spells were practiced like those in Africa saw much of drought and famine. Thus, these spells were largely used to bring in rain in different regions and when required to save the masses. A dish or saucer was used, which was filled up by water from a nearby well, Then a black candle was lighted up and placed near the dish or saucer, a spell was cast, and rituals were performed to ask for rain as a favor of the offerings made to the rain deity.




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