Unlike White Magic, Black Magic is using occult forces to control person's minds and hearts.


Unlike White Magic, Black Magic is using occult forces to control person's minds and hearts.

It is a common feeling that black magic brings prompt results and is more effective than white magic. It is also true for some extent that the results are more rapid in black magic as the spells of black magic suppresses the emotions and freedom of people who are expecting on similar lines. They are also entitled to get the similar results and have sent the same vibrations to future as the person doing it with black magic.


The occurrence of the outcome is administered by certain forces, and the powers to these forces are provided by white and / or black magic. In white magic, the process is spontaneous, and the future outcome happens in a predefined way. In contrast, in black magic, the outcome is affected by certain external forces or energies which help the black magic vibrations.


It is also believed that certain occult forces play a significant role, making it more effective and prompt. The source of these occult forces comes from different theories and beliefs. It is a common belief that some forces which did not get their final destination or salvation due to the wrong deed roam around this universe for the avenues of their completeness.


These forces are easily attracted by the vibrations created by the spells of black magic. These forces are in dire need of some energy source, hence easily trapped by black magic vibrations. When joined by vibrations of black magic spells, these occult forces will create a strong combination that affects the future outcome in the desired way. Due to which black magic is more effective and in giving results in a short period.


Since the motive of these occult forces is to obtain the completeness which they are lacking, but with the deeds of black magic, their target remains unaccomplished. These forces are only used by black magic for their purpose. In the end, white magic governs the salvation of these occult forces. But it will take a long time to accomplish.


This is a cyclic process in which the long-standing occult forces are completed by white magic, and in the same proportion, new occult forces are created with the usage of black magic, for the desire of short-term benefits. The principle of equilibrium holds true. One positive thing is equally maintained by one negative thing.


These forces, whether divine or occult, affects the normal functioning of every person. They control the mind and hearts of people. As all the activities are controlled by mind and heart, it has a long-lasting effect on the personality and behavior of a person. Devine forces push the person to act in good deeds, whereas occult forces or evil forces do it in the other way - that is, they push the person to act in bad deeds.


To ensure the effectiveness of the outcome from the deeds of individuals, rituals of white and black magic are performed to obtain the desired result. White magic works on its regular course, whereas black magic takes the help of other occult forces existing in the universe.


Since the results of black magic are quick, the impression of the effectiveness of black magic affects the assumption of the heart and mind of an individual in favor of black magic. Although the effects are short-term in black magic, the biases of individuals' minds and hearts go in favor of black magic. But in the long run, when the negative effects of black magic show their symptoms, the biases get destructed, and true pictures make their impression regarding the actual effectiveness of white magic. Occult forces led black magic to lose its image permanently.


Thus, it can be argued that although the occult forces of black magic affect the mind and heart in the short term, the long-term impression of white magic wins in the long run.



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