White Magic Spell casters like to share their knowledge while Black Magic Sorcerers keep everything secret


White Magic Spell casters like to share their knowledge while Black Magic Sorcerers keep everything secret

White magic, black magic, magic and spells, there are so many things around us right? But when time comes we need to choose one, wherein when pain may occur we like to choose the one which gives us faster relief correct?


Lot of my clients do ask me of which one is better white magic or black magic, which one will give you the inset details of what is done and how. Why is it done that way, which one will give faster effects and results? To understand all this we need to first understand is a small concept.




White magic spell when casted or performed uses solar energy or rather focuses on solar energy, giving a way to its user to connect to the sun and to all the gods related to sun or solar energy, in other words white magic is performed by summoning energies present during the day time. Where in black magic spell when casted or performed uses energy which are present during the night time or let’s say nocturnal energies and gods related to darkness.


In both the magic and spell casted either the white magic way or the black magic way, the rule of three implies. The only thing is that white magic spell casters share their knowledge while black magic sorcerers keep everything secret. Now there is a great extent of reason for white magic spell caster to share everything and for black magic sorcerers to keep secrets.


As already stated above that white magic spell casters are using energies present during the light hence what is done can be seen, felt when being done, wherein since black magic uses energies present in the darkness, hence things cannot be seen when the rituals are performed and thus is kept a secret.


It has been also observed that white magic comprises or rituals where usage of planetary movements, angels, past life’s work are used or exist when the ritual is performed, hence these things are considered legal and thus a white magic spell caster shares their knowledge with their clients or customers. Wherein black magic uses energy that are present during the night time, in other words black magic also denies the law of life and uses energy opposing the law of life (it is expected for all energy to take rest when there is no light). Hence black magic spell casters do not share on how they perform rituals.


I would also like to share a fact with all my readers, that a true or balanced sorcerer would be the person who uses both white and black magic together, for the good of someone and not for harming anyone. Wherein there are also believes that magic is just magic and are used to change the past, future or current state of someone, with black magic intending to service of self and white magic intending to service of others and there is no reason that a spell caster or a sorcerer would use both to maintain balance.


Hence the above can be few reasons on why white magic spell casters share their knowledge and black magic sorcerers keep it hidden. Thou when a magic is performed either black or white, nothing is hidden.



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