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Wicca is a form of a pagan religion that follows white magic to cast spells, spells cast with Wicca are very strong and work each time. Today, Wicca is very widely practiced and known for casting different spells, of which love spell is the essential spell cast using Wicca magic. Wicca originated from England and followed worshiping a god and a goddess traditionally viewed as the moon goddess and the horned god. Since the moon was a vital aspect of worshiping, problems like love related to the moon were much solved using Wicca magic.




Love problems occur to almost all of us at some point of time in life. There could be hundreds and thousands of different kinds of issues related to love, most common being lost love but Wicca spells have the power to get back lost love and solve any love-related problem. Since the beginning of Wicca as a religion, love spells and curing love-related problems were practiced fully under Wicca spells' guidance. The witches performed rituals first to the moon goddess and then used to cast a love spell to get back lost love via Wicca. Another vital aspect to understand with Wicca magic is that when related to love problems, the witches also made love potions or charms. Thus making sure that the spell gets embedded with more power as the potion or the charm would be a part of the individual's body on whom the spell is cast or for whom the spell is cast.



Today, we find many spell casters or love psychics over the internet who could be approached easily and can be booked to perform a love spell. However, technology was not easy to find someone practicing Wicca in the past has grown. Growth has come to the educated mind of so many, which helps us accept many things. Most spellcasters would charge you some money for their service; however, you would also get many free spells over a simple internet search. You can also approach a spell caster and ask them to cast a free spell to ease things and make sure that the spell would work; another way is you could get hold of specific ingredients as per the methods and cast a Wicca love spell for yourself. Below you will find one such love spell to get back lost love which you can cast for yourself.



You would need a red candle, a picture of your lost love and your picture, red thread, two pins dipped in dragon's blood, a plate made of clay, and some seawater on the clay plate. Once you put seawater on the clay plate, place the red candle on the clay plate. Tie both pictures together on the candle, with the help of the thread, so they are both visible. Then, put a pin in both pictures and keep it in a position to touch both pictures. Light the candle and wait for the pictures to catch fire. When you see pictures are catching fire, cast the spell written below and wait for a week to see, your lost love getting back to you.


“Stick to me
Be with me
Love of my life
Come to me
Mote it be mote it be
Love of my life never go away thee.”



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